Global Supplier Audit Support

Wherever your supply chain takes you, Medpoint has native language speaking consultants available to audit those critical suppliers. We offer the support of 350 consultants strategically placed around the globe.

Global Supplier Audit Program

Every company in the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical space has a complex supply chain, and their Quality Assurance team is responsible for maintaining compliance.

As the manufacturer, the responsibility falls on your company to ensure compliance, even if you use external suppliers. Supplier audits are essential to ensure compliance across all parties. At Medpoint we are experts in Supplier Quality Management, helping our clients achieve the quality objectives that are essential to the success and sustainability of their organization.

No matter the size of your organization, Medpoint’s Global Supplier Quality Audit program offers a turnkey solution for your team.

Wherever your supply chain takes you, Medpoint has native language-speaking consultants around the globe. We provide global support from over 350 consultants strategically located around the world.

Beyond simply executing the onsite audit at your supplier, Medpoint project coordinators will oversee all aspects of the process; from initial outreach to your supplier to scheduling all necessary pre-audit calls, to managing a communication plan that ensures all projects stay on track, and all stakeholders are adequately updated throughout each project.

Post Acquisition Supplier Integration

Medpoint helps manage our client’s post-acquisition supplier integration efforts. By establishing baseline supplier audit programs, Medpoint will help the newly acquired entity and its full supplier base establish necessary procedures and processes. Medpoint will then guide all necessary actions to seamlessly integrate all parties into your organization’s system as efficiently and effectively as possible, so your organization can continue to focus on your core business.

Supplier Quality Agreements

Medpoint knows the importance of supplier quality agreements (SQA) for our partners, as it is the Medical Device and drug manufacturers who are ultimately responsible for the products they make and sell. FDA and other regulatory bodies are looking to the companies that sell the product to have sufficient control over their suppliers.

A good SQA eliminates any guesswork from the process. It clearly defines who – the manufacturer or the supplier – is responsible for what and how communication should work between the two.

Medpoint can take on the entire process of drafting and maintaining SQAs for your organization. Medpoint will take your supplier information, complete all documentation and updates, route agreements for approval to all parties, and follow up to completion. We work directly with your suppliers to get them completed.

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